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As a Christian ministry, the summer camp experience is a unique opportunity to present Christ in creative ways and support the individual in their walk with Christ


At Water's Edge, campers grow through healthy group interaction, activities and adventures. These activities are meant to enhance social growth


Personal growth is one of Water's Edge focuses. Our camp supports the individual through mentor relationships and individual achievements...more

The Water’s Edge Camp Experience

When I was eight years old my parents dropped me off here in Howell Michigan for summer camp. I had a paper grocery sack with my clothes in it and had the time of my life.  Years later having the opportunity to lead this ministry we still offer a great experience through kids camps, day camps, youth camps, family camps and RV Camping.  In addition we are a great location for band and sports camps, women’s and men’s retreats, scrapbook retreats and family camping.  Come to Water’s Edge Camp.  There is an experience here for you.

~ Rob Lewis

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